The Refinishing Doctor - Dale Hughes aka Refinishing Dr. for Bathtubs

Valdosta, Georgia 2 comments

Wow, hard to say where to start with this one.Project was ten weeks late, Dale Hughes (The Refinishing Doctor located in Valdosta, GA, aka "Affordable Plumbing") added $50.00 to the bill at time of pick up for "storage", bathtub has two large flaws in enamel, I finally had to file a lawsuit against him in order to complete this fiasco.

Finally I found someone out of Tallahassee to remove the mess Dale created and refinish the bathtub.Absolute nightmare to work with, avoid like the plague, his work / work ethic / honesty are literally the worse that I have ever encountered with any company in my life.

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Hahira, Georgia, United States #1324168

Just go hire a day laborer and save yourself some money. Dale Hughes has an awful reputation in Valdosta/Lowndes County. He has been sued multiple times due to his business practices.

Valdosta, Georgia, United States #973511

Dale Hughes is basically a *** man. The projects he does complete are substandard. Everything he did in our home had to be corrected by a true professional.

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